According to Harvard Family Research Project, a growing body of evidence suggests that family engagement matters for student success. Research shows that family engagement improves school readiness, student achievement, and social skills.

Online Family Connections portal increases direct family interaction with your school. In addition to academic information, you can share school news, events and even allow families to connect with the School by sharing their children’s experiences with the Pedagogical team and also Recognize Teachers for going above and beyond.

Pedagogical team has the ability to share the Student’s experiences through Observations, Highlights and documentations aligning with the state standards and benchmarks in the Student’s online portfolio. They can document Student’s assessments, lesson plans, newsletter etc. ,for families to engage in the student’ s learning.

Administrators would love it too! Pedagogue Pointe has features that enables the administrators to manage time off, supplies requests, manage recognitions, building maintenance lists to help them to be more efficient and help enable them to spend their time on high pay off activities.

Vision: To enable Operational Excellence and Parent Engagement for Preschools and Child Care Centers

    Parent Features:
  • Portal with forms, lunch menu and handbooks.
  • Children’s Online Portfolio
  • School News
  • Recognize Staff for going above and beyond
  • Connect with the teacher through Family Connections feature.
    Pedagogical Team Features
  • Submit Weekly Lesson Plans and align with State Standards and Benchmarks
  • Document Children’s learning experiences
  • Document Nap and Meal times
  • Request Time Off, Supplies and Building Maintenance
  • Document Assessments
  • Recognize Peers
    Administrator’s Features
  • Approve Weekly Lesson Plans and align with State Standards and Benchmarks
  • Review Children’s learning experiences
  • Approve Time Off, Supplies and Building Maintenance
  • Approve Assessments
  • Manage Recognitions
    Cook’s Featurest
  • Maintain the Meals Menu